Carolina Barco Isakson

As Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs, between August 2002 and August 2006, Carolina Barco focused her objectives on three specific areas: To strengthen the Ministry's diplomacy in order to get increase efficiency, mainly towards direct support for the Colombian Community abroad; to develop a strong communication policy in order to improve Colombia's international image and contribute to a real understanding the country's realities, and to promote trade and international cooperation, particularly for development programs.

She has worked in the public sector, as director of the City Planning Department in Bogotá, and adviser to the Ministries of Development, Culture, and Environment, as well as to the National Planning Department and the Office of the Mayor of Bogotá.

She has also worked as an international cooperation adviser to the United Nations Development Program, as a researcher at Universidad de los Andes, and as a member of Lincoln Institute of Land Policy's Board of Directors. Former Minister Barco is well known mainly as an authority in the formulation and adoption of public policies.

She has a Bachelor's degree in Social and Economic Sciences and a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Urban and Regional Planning.

Source: University Programs and Events Planning Resources, September 2004