Mehdi Jomaa

Mr. Jomaa, 52 year old, was born in the city of Mahdia (Tunisia).  After receiving his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from a Tunis-based leading engineering school, he started in 1989 his professional career in France at Hutchinson, a subsidiary of the TOTAL Group.  In his work, he specialized in the aeronautics industry and focused on strategy, international business and transformational leadership.

In March 2013, Mr. Jomaa was appointed Minister of Industry in Tunisia.  In this capacity, he initiated several measures particularly a new national strategy on energy, legislation on renewable energy sources, as well as new Government procedures for managing conflicts within large, state-owned industrial groups.

In January 2014 and after several months of an acute political crisis, Mr. Jomaa was appointed Head of Government to lead the country towards its first general elections under the new Constitution.  During his mandate, he reorganized the security apparatus for a more efficient response to terrorism, launched a national economic dialogue and initiated several reforms in banking, taxation and in the national subsidies system.  In September 2014, he organized a major international conference entitled “Invest in Tunisia”.  As Head of Government, he introduced a new and innovative governance procedure based on a trilogy of “vision, leadership and management”.

Mr. Jomaa is holder of decorations of the Tunisian Order of the Republic and the German Order of Merit.  He was also awarded the 2014 Amadeus “Person of the Year” distinction from Morocco.

Mr. Jomaa is married and father to five children.

Source: University Programs and Events Planning Resources, February 2015