Verna Eggleston

Verna Eggleston is Commissioner of Human Resources Administration in New York City. In January 2002, Verna Eggleston returned to the NYC Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services (HRA/DSS) after her first eleven years at the agency, appointed as the Administrator/Commissioner of the nation's largest municipal social services agency by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. She is the longest serving HRA Commissioner to date, and the first appointed to two consecutive terms. Ms. Eggleston oversees more than 14,000 employees, a $5.6 billion budget, $15 billion in contracts, and provides vital services to more than 3 million people.

These services include welfare to work programs, temporary public assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, HIV/AIDS support services, domestic violence prevention, homelessness prevention and emergency intervention services.

Ms. Eggleston served as the Deputy Administrator of the New York City Child Welfare Administration under Mayor Ed Koch. Under Mayor David Dinkins, she served as the Director of New York City's Family Shelter programs, where she oversaw the provision of emergency services for homeless families with children. During the height of the homeless crisis, she ran all the emergency welfare assistance units in the five boroughs. In addition, Ms. Eggleston opened the City's first AIDS facility for HIV-infected infants. Prior to her appointment in the Bloomberg Administration, Ms. Eggleston served as the Executive Director of the Hetrick-Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk School.

In a career spanning nearly three decades, Ms. Eggleston has worked as an administrator, advocate and policymaker in public, private and not-for-profit agencies to help children, adolescents and families rise above limiting circumstances to fulfill their potential and achieve self-sufficiency. Ms. Eggleston has consulted as a spokesperson and authority on a wide range of issues confronting youth and their families. She served on the National Board of Directors for the Child Welfare League of America, and worked with Former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, New York State Senator Hillary Clinton, and Attorney General Janet Reno to advocate for hate crimes legislation, youth violence prevention, and adolescent mental health issues.

After serving five years as Commissioner/Administrator, Ms. Eggleston will leave HRA to join the Bloomberg Family Foundation to research and develop the Foundation's projects in 2007.

Source: University Programs and Events Planning Resources, January 2007