Vjosa Osmani

Dr. Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu took office as President of the Republic of Kosovo in April 2021. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Prishtina and completed her Master and Doctoral studies at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA.

Vjosa Osmani was elected the first female Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo in February 2020, and also served as Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo between November 2020- March 2021. Vjosa Osmani was elected as a member of parliament four times, and in the most recent election received the highest number of votes for any candidate in the history of the Republic of Kosovo.  In previous terms as an MP, she chaired the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Committee on European Integration, and was the Deputy Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Reform.

Between 2006-2010, Vjosa Osmani served as Chief of Staff of President Sejdiu and Senior Advisor on Legal Affairs and International Relations. She represented the President in the Commission for the drafting of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and was a member of the team that represented Kosovo in the case for the declaration of independence at the International Court of Justice.

Since 2006, she has been lecturing at the Faculty of Law of the University of Prishtina, while she has also lectured at the University of Pittsburgh in the USA as a visiting professor. She has been honored by the University of Pittsburgh with the Sheth International Award.

Source: Office of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, September 2021