Past Event

A Roundtable Discussion with Students and Columbia Global Centers Directors

September 21, 2012
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Teatro, Italian Academy

Columbia Global Center Information:

To maintain its status as one of the world's leading institutions of higher education, Columbia University embarked on establishing a deliberate approach regarding international engagement. This strategy has demanded the creation of new structures that allow the University to increase its global scope and enrich diversity of academic experience. The centers are nimble hubs that provide a foundation for students, faculty, affiliates, and alumni to explore academic opportunities. The centers encourage new relationships across schools, institutes, and academic departments at Columbia. Attuned to the priorities and unique circumstances of its host region, each center leverages the University's diverse intellectual capacities and pursues a set of university-wide core activities that evolves over time based on the active engagement of faculty and students. Some of the centers' programs and research initiatives are country-specific, some regional, and an increasing number are multi-regional, even global. The network is in its infancy, and each center has started by building strong links with universities and institutions in its respective region. The long-term ambition is that many programs will have a global reach and involve multiple centers in the network engaged in truly global conversations.

Program Information:

In this World Leaders Forum roundtable discussion, directors of the eight CGCs will have a critical conversation with undergraduate student participants about issues that Columbia University and its constituents face as the University expands its global presence in the world. This unique conversation will be a first-hand opportunity for undergraduate students to engage in a master class with the directors of the eight global centers in a thought-provoking dialogue. The discussion will demonstrate the CGC Network's regional approaches to important global challenges as well as illustrate the cross-functional and interdisciplinary collaboration needed to work together to examine these issues.

Co-sponsored by Columbia Global Centers.