José Carlos Avellar

José Carlos Avellar, a journalist and film critic, has written for newspapers and film magazines including Jornal do Brasil (1962-1985) and Cinemais.  He also contributes to online publications including, an online magazine published by UERJ, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and, an online magazine published by Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico.

Mr. Avellar was cultural director of Embrafilme (1985-1987); director of Rio de Janeiro’s municipal film agency, Riofilme (1994-2000); and adviser for the International Film Festival in Berlin for Brazilian cinema since 1980.

Mr. Avellar is the author of six books on Brazilian and Latin American cinema, among them O chão da palavra / The Ground of the Word, Brazilian Cinema and Literature (1994); A ponte clandestina / The Clandestine Bridge, Film Theory in Latin America (1996); and Glauber Rocha (2002). He has written essays in anthologies and collective works including “La sabiduria que no sabemos que tenemos” in Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (1988); “Backwards Blindness: Brazilian Cinema of the 1980s” in Framing Latin American Cinema (1997); “Writing the Speech” in Cinema Novo and Beyond (1998); “Redemption through the Excess of Sin” in Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies (2000); “ImagiNation” in The New Brazilian Cinema (2003); and “Limite” in The New Cinema of Latin America (2003).

Source: University Programs and Events Planning Resources, March 2006