Robert G. Aisi

Current work at the UN

  • Work at the UN currently encompasses a wider area of the socio-economic agenda, including the issue of HIV/AIDS, women and children’s issues and other development issues.

Summary of relevant experience

  • Practiced law for 22 years in Papua New Guinea before being appointed by   the Government of Papua New Guinea to become Ambassador to the UN.
  • During the intervening years was a member of the Papua New Guinea
    Business Council and its President for the years 1999 to 2002. During that
    period ensured that social issues were a part of the critical discussions on the economic and development agenda of Papua New Guinea.
  • Initiated liaison and discussions with Papua New Guinea Government ministers and officials.
  • One of the private sector representatives on the Government's Consultative Implementation & Monitoring Committee, a body set up to work and liaise with all sectors of the Papua New Guinea economy.
  •  Was part of other organizations such as the Rotary International. Rotary promotes malaria prevention and has added HIV/AIDS to its initiatives in Papua New Guinea.

Educational and Professional Background

  • Graduated LLB from the  University of Papua New Guinea in 1980
  • Practicing Commercial Lawyer (1980 to 2002) with major firm in Papua New Guinea.  Was a partner and part-owner of the law firm Posman, Kua, Aisi.
  • Held positions in various corporations:
  • Post-Courier Limited – Owner and Publisher of the largest daily newspaper in Papua New Guinea
  • Aon Corporation – Director
  • Papua New Guinea Business Council President

Source: University Programs and Events Planning Resources, September 2006